NaNoWriMo Winner

A few weeks ago I started a journey that I didn’t think I’d be able to complete, but oh how sweet victory is! I wrote 50K plus, and I’m still going strong. Though my novel isn’t finished yet, I’m still chugging along. But I’m still dreading editing the darn thing. I don’t seem to have the focus to edit, guess thats what happens when you’re easily distracted.

This was my first year taking part in NaNoWriMo, and I plan on doing it every year now.  Here’s a little snippet of what I have written.


            She anxiously messaged her hand, hoping to ease the nerves that raged inside of her. She replayed his words in her mind “Meet me when the moon hangs above the crystaMedieval Ladyl arch.”

            It hung there now, its light like a dress falling from the sky, and dressing the castle in silver. The stones were dull, and there was nothing elegant about the castle. She hadn’t the faintest clue why it had been called the Crystal Arch.

The trees hissed behind her, the naked branches moaning as a brittle wind shook away the last leaves. She too moaned.

“Sorry I’m late.” His voice startled her, but she quickly relaxed. Rising to meet him, her body radiated with warmth.

“Ryder,” she cooed, wrapping her longing arms around his neck. He pulled away, but kept one hand clasped gently around her arm, the other hand slid behind her ear, leaving a Moonflower in her hair. A childish giggle escaped from her plump lips, and she stared longingly into his black eyes.


Arrow in My Hand

Arrow in My Hand

Wrote this awhile ago and decided to paint something  to go along with the story. Enjoy!


Blood rolled off the tip of the blade, staining the snow crimson. His strength gave way and he fell to his knees. His fingers, thick with clumps of his own blood, groped his chest. He threw his head back watching the trees swirl around him. The air beckoned him to breathe, but his lungs refused to listen. The hilt of the dagger was slippery and warm with his blood.

The blade fell from his grasp, and he clawed at himself, his throat, and his chest. He inhaled the last bit of air allowed in, but blood gargled violently in his throat. His chest rattled with pain as red liquid dribbled from his trembling lips.

A scream shook him from his daze, and a body collapsed around his, weeping and shaking, crying out his name in grief. A blur of commotion now surrounded him, but he was too weak to make sense of it all. Familiar voices beckoned him to return to the world, but his body refused. He saw a mist of people fade away until his world went black.